Welcome to our Dollar Wise Network.

The original Work from home Program.

My name is  Jan. 

We are a group of individuals that are following the Dollar wise Plan.

Teaming GDI with SFI winning combination.  We log in and work from our Training websites daily.

I follow My SFI Sponsor Maree's Words of Wisdom for our Dollar Wise Network. Read and Succeed.

Maree has tested every strategy to get new customers in the past few years of running multiple businesses.

She has spent 1000's of dollars and hours testing the good from the ugly. She has done all the donkey work for you.  All you need to do is put the plan into action. Start daily at SFI.  

Maree finds these ‘Secret’ Traffic Secrets advertised by the “Guru’s” She trusted and paid a lot of money too.  Never really worked as advertised. They were all about getting the money with no support.

Step #1:

Sign up at FREE at SFI. This is my promary website I promote. On line for over 15 years.

Sign up FREE at SFI. My Primary Website I promote.


Any SFI member can earn by promoting my ECA Store. Just change my SFI id to yours.


Step #2:

Sign up at GDI.  Organization is the key. Having all your links at the one location to work from daily. Domain for training your SFI down line when you are off line. True 24/7 support for your SFI team.   


WE use GDI's Sister Site DCC for our Domain Forwarding for SFI.

For a One off Fee for the year. This allows you to purchase your own Domain then set your domain forwarding to blast your SFI link at face book, twitter, any site that bans SFI promoting. Newbies unsure Email Maree (mb5681@gmail.com) Heading Set up my domain forwarding.


Step #3:

Set up your Auto Responder and Mailer. This is also where we design our SFI Splash Campaign capturing emails. 


Upgrade at Traffic Wave. As a FREE bonus Email Maree (mb5681@gmail.com) your log in details.

She will then log in and design your SFI splash with Campaign.

Why Traffic Wave. As Maree's Team has grown at SFI.  She wanted to be able to provide a step by step daily training guide for all her new PSA members.  It started to get very confusing as to which member had received what training email. The beauty with Traffic Wave is. I simple get Maree to design my Training articles. She sets the timer on when to send out our training articles.  This way members are not overloaded with information. Members register when they join me at SFI.  So I have lots of members receiving different email training. All is sorted on Auto Pilot. No confusion or frustration. 

Prosper in 2015. Register to receive my Free SFI and GDI boot camp training series.

Make sure to check your emails to verify the sign up.

http://www.trafficwave.net/ lcp/janssfi/sfipays

http://www.trafficwave.net/ lcp/sfipays/trafficwavepays
http://www.trafficwave.net/ lcp/sfipays/gdisuccess
http://www.trafficwave.net/ lcp/sfipays/domaincostclub

Maree allows all our SFI Down line that have joined me at Traffic Wave to duplicate my training letters.

When reading articles be sure to click reply and respond to the Traffic Wave Email they send, signing up to the suggested programs from their links not mine.  This is how we kick start the sales generating leads program. Earning with Numerous Income Resources.

Newbies. If you would like Maree to design your SFI Gift Card Splash with Campaign, capturing emails.

http://www.trafficwave.net/ lcp/janssfi/sfigiftcards

Purchase from the link below. Then email her (mb5681@gmail.com)  Your Traffic Wave Log in details to log in and design your SFI Gift Card Splash with Campaign. She will duplicate the link above changing the SFI id to yours.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE IN MY TEAM.  If already an existing Traffic Wave member. Just send her your log in details once purchased.

Gift Cards. Guide on how to purchase and reply to inquiries made simple.

If you have ever wanted to create a successful online business, you've come to the right place.
Internet marketing takes more than a fancy webpage or sophisticated online marketing tools.

It takes experience - which can take you years to develop... or... which can be provided to you FREE.

The real test is not about earning in the first few months.
It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg.  
Real businesses with real earnings.

Others try to duplicate SFI and GDI but never achieve the same success. 

Disappearing into the night in a few short months.

By learning to create your own lead system at GDI! You can then co-op that system with those you refer into SFI for maximum leverage. Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life of your business.
This gives you numerous streams of different income resources.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ADVERTISE - THAT'S IT!“A Quitter Never Wins And A Winner Never Quits.”

SFI is free with no set up costs.  Free to participate and earn. Bonus. Paid for shopping, selling and simply spreading the word.

Be Part of the biggest Community On Line. Over 100,000 members supporting their local businesses. 

No need to pay  starter kits costs of hundreds even thousands of dollars. Be rewarded for participation.

Monthly Be in to WIN. Freebies and Prizes.


Explode your ECA sales. Prosper in 2015

Promoting Via Our Dollar Wise Network.


This page is added to each individual SFI Training website Maree designs.


Support our Dollar Wise Team Members ECA Stores.


How to Create a Full Time Income in your spare time from home>

MOST IMPORTANT> Make sure you are  logged into SFI and Triple clicks before opening any emails.
This way if you click an email and they request for you to log in. YOU will know it is a fishing email not SFI.
GDI Log into back office.                                  https://www.website.ws/members/index.dhtml
SFI I use this link  My Movers:                       



Available ONLY for your first 10 days as a SFI Member!

The New Member Pack comes loaded with EVERYTHING you need to get your Triple Clicks membership off to a powerful start:
* 50 mighty T Credits
* 200 Member Rewards Points
* 10 Eager Zebra Express "tokens"
* PLUS...A FREE BONUS: 30 free entries in the Triple Clicks Daily Crown drawing

Daily to do to build your SFI Team.

Put into practice our 5 Step Program for SFI. This is how Maree achieves SFI Platinum Team Leader Monthly.

1.  Go through your "TO-DO LIST" step by step daily.  


Click all red individual buttons above. They will turn grey when you verify them at the bottom with clicking the Blue Button.
For points displaying an asterisk (*), you must click the green "V" in the top right corner of the page to be awarded the points.
A min. 1,500 VP/max. 2,000 VP from sales/purchases each month can be used towards Team Leader qualification.

2.  Refer to your VP Ledger       


3.  YOU need to spend to earn. BUT you need to be wise with your spending. SFI is trusting and rewarding.

Available ONLY for your first 10 days as a SFI Member!


4.   Promoting is the key to a successful business. Daily after finishing at SFI.

I make sure to participate at these two sites to begin with.  Be sure to check emails to verify signing up.



5.   GDI Complete your GDI Training Bonus within the eight week guide line. $25 Bonus. When 10 of your team complete their GDI training bonus receive $250 Bonus.

Weekly log into Traffic Wave sending a broadcast to all your team with any updates you receive Via My Emails.

Most Important. Select five of your top movers to be your Team Leaders.

Reassign new PSA signups to these leaders.  Teach these five team leaders to duplicate our 5 steps above.

I reinvest my commissions by  purchasing instant down line to reassign and reward my team for participation.

Maree uses her MRP Points and T Credits to grab FREE instant down line to reassign to her team for their participation. 

Do not stress as when you log in you will be logging into your SFI account not Maree's.


Maree Best Tip's. Make sure before signing up with any sites to contact your SFI or GDI Team Leader first for their links to join from. This will kick start you earning with numerous income resources.




Change your shopping habits by purchasing goods from the Triple Clicks Store.

Go to the Growth tab at the right click and connect with local ECA Stores in your area.
Instead of going to the Mall. Check and see what they have on offer.

Rewarded for Participation FREE. Use your MRP Points or T Credits from the Leader ship Challenge to purchase these packages from Maree's ECA Store.

Remember Tick use MRP or TCredits. Wait then tick to verify purchase.

Training website. Step by step guide. Sales Generating Leads Program.

Item No: 291774
Reg. Price: $35.00   Our Price: $28.00 (you save $7.00)

Free Bonus. Receive one share in our Private SFI Monthly Coop.

Maree's rewards for achieving SFI Gold Team Leader Monthly.

T Credit Bonus             16 T Credits earned     $9.44 value
Second Home CSAs      196 CSAs awarded on April 11, 2014.     $352.80 value

As long as you remain EA monthly. YOU earn from all these new CSA re-assignments. 
Imagine the earnings after six months of receiving all these new members monthly.
YOUR down line and earnings keep growing larger day by day... month by month year by year.
Everyone dreams of owning their own business.  Normally you need $1000's in reserve to start. Then you need to keep injecting more revenue to establish your business.  SFI Allows YOU to Get Started with NO Capital Investment Requirements.
Business people all over the world will tell you. It takes normally three years to establish a business.
Before you start to see any sort of returns.
Imagine if all our SFI down line Invest just $36.25 Monthly. You will be earning 12 levels deep.  If you are like me, you've searched the Internet over and over, wasting lots of time and money with "get rich quick" businesses that turned out to "be pie in the sky" fairy tale's.
It is best to promote fully one program and gain success rather than trying to promote 5-10 with no signups. For Newbies the internet can be a very dangerous place, if you believe everything you read.

The KEY to SUCCESS is communicating with your down line. By joining my Dollar Wise Network. This supplies you with the means. 
Be aware of scams.  I stay well away from Copy Cat Sites, sticking with the originals.  SFI GDI and Traffic Wave.
If your site is not listed here then assume Maree has tested it and found it to be a waste of time and money.

How much can you earn with Our Dollar wise Network.
You earn money whenever you refer a customer that sets up a standing order at SFI.  Make purchases from your Triple Click Store.  Purchases upgrades or Advertising packages at any of our Sale Generating Leads Program. 

Sales Generating Leads Program

Time Is Money!  Drive Large number of visitors to your site and Create An Endless Profits Stream. It's as easy as 1,2,3. With making sure to participate daily. These sites are complementary to maximize your SFI Referrals, Sales, and CASH!  Join, Invite and Receive Cash.   It's that easy!  Receive Random Down line to introduce to your SFI Training Website.

Most Important before joining check with your SFI sponsor for their links to sign up from.

Do not get side tracked joining new programs. Our Sole Purpose is to use these sites for promoting SFI.

This is the time consuming part. Setting up your promoting for SFI.

Three things you need to learn first before starting to promote your business.

ALWAYS use PayPal as your Payment Provider. If A Site does not use PayPal. I stay well away from them.

How to delete. Left click holding your mouse. Run it over what you wish to delete. It will be high lighted blue. Click the back space button on your Key Board. NOW you are ready to copy and paste your Links. YOU must do this before adding banner links at sites etc.

How to copy and paste
. Left click holding your mouse. Run it over the Banner link to copy and paste etc. It will be high lighted blue. Click the Ctrl and C button together. Bottom left of the key board.
Go and left click in the empty box to copy message over. Then Click the Ctrl and V key together. Your link will appear where you clicked.  Use this method to high light also.

Tidy up daily your G Mail. Send all unwanted emails to Spam.  Tick the box beside any emails you do not recognize. Go up to where you see the Envelope. Hover mouse over it.  It will say Move to v.  Click the drop down box and select Spam. Click


Make sure to participate daily at these sites to begin with.

Free members can also use this system.  It will just take a little longer to get the credits for promoting SFI.

Jump start Building your SFI business. Setting up promoting on Auto Pilot Here.


Make sure daily to surf these two sites, then participate daily at Paid Verts before anything else.



VERY IMPORTANT> Make sure you verify your sign up. Check your spam folder if you do not see verification email.  Log in daily Click above the surf tab. Surf 20-50 sites daily. Next Click Accounts. Scroll down and click the Cash Links. Then use earnings to promote your SFI Cash Links. Earning from all down line clicking daily.


Paid Verts. Log in Daily and start with clicking all your BAP links. This will generate higher value adds to view.

The key is to log in each morning then evening as adds expire after 18 hours.

Maree invested $30 setting up her SFI Campaigns. Now she earns $30-$50 dollars daily which she reinvest into SFI Promoting.  You may participate as a Free Member. It will just take a little longer to generate the earnings to promote SFI.


Daily play the Add Grid at V Traffic Rush. 

I have been adding my SFI banners into the Viral Pool Monthly since 2011.

Free step by step guide on how to add your banners.  http://www.dollarwise.ws/V_Traffic_Rush

Paid to Click Sites




I suggests do not stray from these sites they are the only sites I trust to purchase advertising from.

Surf these sites in Rotation Weekly to begin with. 

Start upgrading with your earnings. Receiving random down line to introduce to SFI Monthly.

Also you receive credits to promote SFI from your down line team surfing.


Advertise on Auto Pilot

No time to surf. Grab some advertising packages to promote SFI on Auto Pilot. Set N Forget.

Great wee Cash Back money spinners. Huge Advertising packages monthly for $3 and $10.  

I log in Weekly reinvesting half my earnings and withdrawing half to paypal.

Social Media Networks

http://www.ibotoolbox.com/ teinvited3.aspx?jid=8764

Maree has been a member since 2011. Join me.The beauty is you can participate as a FREE member.

Read http://www.dollarwise.ws/IBO_ Tool_Box

Maree has been upgraded here since 2010.  Blasting my promoting for SFI daily.


Read this page with instructions on how to set up your AP Sense Account.      



Explains how to Set up your websites




Free instructions on how to set up these sites. Click these links to find more trust worthy sites I participate with.

Banner Links We use at our sales generating lead sites.

Sign up Free then add your promotional links at Paid Vert.  Quick and Simple I start my day at SFI. I then participate at Paid Verts promoting GDI earning $100 for 5 new signups in a week.  I then introduce these new members to SFI.





Add GDI link change my GDI user name to yours  http://www.freedom.ws/kiwitalk




Button banner Maree designed. I use it for GDI or SFI


Add GDI link change my GDI user name to yours  http://www.freedom.ws/kiwitalk 



If you would like a Gift Card Capture link designed.

Purchase from my ECA Store. 

Gift Cards. Guide on how to purchase and reply to inquiries made simple.

YOU need to be a Traffic Wave Member. This is where Maree Designs the SFI Gift Card Splash Links with Campaigns.

Some examples of Maree's Tex adds she uses.  Remember to change her link to yours.

Random Down line.
Random Cash FREE
Rewarding my Team

Copy the tex links at the Traffic Exchanges.

Click View Earn Daily Dollars

Link I add.      http://www.trafficwave.net/lcp/sfipays/gdisuccess

Prosper in 2015. Real earnings

Link I add.   http://www.trafficwave.net/lcp/sfipays/gdisuccess

Free. Winning cash and traffic

Link I add.  http://www.trafficwave.net/lcp/sfipays/sfipays

Remember to delete the http: before coping and pasting your Tex then link into the empty box

This training series is designed to help you make the most of your experience with My Dollar Wise Network. Working and earning from home.
Traffic Showdown I joined and upgraded in 2010. Grabbing the VIP "All Access.  Placing a standing order. Earning instant cash, traffic plus random down line.  Cost $14  every two months.  As long as my Standing order stays active. The price will never change. Huge Savings. I also introduce these new members I receive to SFI.  I log in once a week. Allocate the credits I earn from over 230 down line to my SFI Promoting. My team keeps growing larger month by month.

To be a successful Internet Marketer, you need to wisely use your time & advertising budget or it will be like trying to run in quicksand.  So lets make GOOD things happen to YOU, starting now! I am very excited to see how my Team Builds in 2014.  Let's face it, advertising is a numbers game. The more your ad is shown, the higher percentage of click-through and sales you will convert. 

Next Step. Decide what hours you wish to dedicate to your SFI Business.  The beauty is you wake up, then just walk over to your computer. Sit Down and you are ready to go. YOU decide what hours you want to work, YOU can reshuffle your time table if you need to spend time with the kids at school etc.  YOU determine your results. The more you participate the more rewards you will receive in return. MOST Important. The more reading you do at SFI while participating daily with doing your To do List. The more knowledge you will gain. REMEMBER click each red tab above then scroll down and verify by clicking the blue tab. Make sure the red tabs are now showing GREY.  NEVER move on to promoting  ETC until you have finished your TASKS at SFI.

When in doubt. Maree has designed these training articles in more detail.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/SFI_Begin                         Easy step by step instructions to follow.

http://www.kiwitalk.ws/SFI_7_Steps                         How to participate and promote SFI.  Read to Succeed.

http://www.kiwitalk.ws/Rewards                                Rewarded for participation.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/Team_ Leaders                  Plan I follow achieving Team Leader Monthly.                     

http://www.dollarwise.ws/GDI_ Pays                          GDI.   Achieve your GDI Training Bonus.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/SFI_ Duplication_post       Duplicate Posts. REMEMBER TO Change my SFI Id number to yours.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/SFI_ Coop_and_emails      Setting up Coop at SFI. Claim your VP Points at your ledger.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/ Competitions                     Leadership board instructions. How to set yours up.

http://www.kiwitalk.ws/SFI_ Gift_Cards                     How to redeem Gift Card Codes. Claim up to 300 Action points monthly.

http://www.dollarwise.ws/ECA_Websites._Listin         All triple click info how to apply then set up your listings.

If you just Cleared your cookies NOTE!
When you log into SFI it will say.
Our monitoring system has alerted us that your SFI account has been accessed from a new device.  To ensure the security of your account, we require that all new devices be approved by the SFI account owner.

1. Go to http://www.sfimg.com/get from the device you are trying to activate.
2. Enter your email address to have the password reset email sent to you.
3. Locate the email (note that it may land in your junk or spam folder) and click the included link.
4. You will be taken to the “Change Account Information“ section of the Affiliate Center. Enter a new password for your account and click the “Submit” button at the bottom to save your new password.
That’s it. You should be all set now.
Special Note: The ONLY link that will work will be the one from the LAST password reset email you requested. Links in an earlier (older) emails will be voided.

Wrong way to Bid. Maree never bids when she sees Auto Bids. To many members get Auction Fever.

Always wait until it is below 5 seconds and shows the red line. 

You can purchase instant down line from Pro Profits ECA store.


Retails For: $270.00

Current Price:
Bidding was still going on.$141.03
SAVE 47%!

I pool our SFI coop money and purchase directly from Pro Profit for a lot less.


New Updates for 2015


Note: If you haven't done so already, be sure you are subscribed to news.sfimg.com (just click the "Follow" link found in the right sidebar). Once subscribed, you'll automatically receive an email each time news is posted so you'll never miss an important SFI announcement.

SVP = Sales Versa Points   These are points you receive for each purchase you make Via Your Triple Click Store.

AVP = Action Versa Points.  These are points for each action you do participating at SFI. EG Daily to do list etc.



Advance to the rank of EA (Executive Affiliate)

1500 VP (any combination of SVP and AVP from your to do list.

Set up a standing order.             https://www.tripleclicks.com/ detail.php?item=212474

YOU need to spend to earn. BUT you need to be wise with your spending. SFI is trusting and rewarding.

Available ONLY for your first 10 days as a SFI Member!


divider Bronze Team Leader


Advance to the rank of BTL (Bronze Team Leader)

3000 VP

A minimum of 1500 and a maximum of 2000 must come from SVP

The remaining 1000-1500 must come from AVP.

Example for achieving the necessary 3000 VP to be a BTL:

2000 SVP from any combination of sales and/or personal purchases.  Use your Free MRP Reward Points.

500 AVP from daily/weekly/monthly free actions, Triple Clicks Special Actions, and Bonus AVP

500 AVP for developing 5 EA2s on your first level (earn 100 AVP each for your support of 5 EA2s, as shown in diagram

divider Bronze Team Leader


Advance to the rank of STL (Silver Team Leader)

4000 VP

A minimum of 1500 and a maximum of 2500 must come from SVP

The remaining 1500-2500 must come from AVP.

Example for achieving the necessary 4000 VP to be a STL:

2500 SVP from any combination of sales and/or personal purchases

500 AVP from daily/weekly/monthly free actions, TripleClicks Special Actions, and Bonus AVP

1000 AVP for developing 5 BTLs on your first level (earn 200 AVP each for your support of 5 BTLs, as shown in diagram

30/wk. For sending group support messages via the PSA  or Genealogy Group Mailer
Points last awarded: 12/30/2014 (earn points now by performing this action)
5/wk. For reviewing your members T Connect Page
Points last awarded: 01/02/2015 (earn points now by performing this action)
3/wk. For submitting a Stream Post.
Points earned so far this week: 0 (3 additional point(s) available this week)

divider Bronze Team Leader


Advance to the rank of GTL (Gold Team Leader)

5000 VP

A minimum of 1500 and a maximum of 3000 must come from SVP

The remaining 2000-3500 must come from AVP.

Example for achieving the necessary 5000 VP to be a GTL:

3000 SVP from any combination of sales and/or personal purchases

500 AVP from daily/weekly/monthly free actions, TripleClicks Special Actions, and Bonus AVP

1500 AVP for developing 5 STLs on your first level (earn 300 AVP each for your support of 5 STLs, as shown in diagram

100 For support of each personally sponsored EA2
For dozens of sponsoring methods,
For maximum points,
200 For support of each personally sponsored Bronze Team Leader
300 For support of each personally sponsored Silver Team Leader
400 For support of each personally sponsored Gold Team Leader
500 For support of each personally sponsored Platium Team Leadeer
5 For each affiliate you reassign to a team member
Points awarded for transferred affiliates who have generated a min. of 600 VP in past 90 days.

divider Bronze Team Leader


Advance to the rank of PTL (Platinum Team Leader)

Qualifications (monthly):

6000 VP

A minimum of 1500 and a maximum of 3500 must come from SVP

The remaining 2500-4500 must come from AVP.

Example for achieving the necessary 6000 VP to be a PTL:

3500 SVP from any combination of sales and/or personal purchases

500 AVP from daily/weekly/monthly free actions, TripleClicks Special Actions, and Bonus AVP

2000 AVP for developing 5 GTLs on your first level (earn 400 AVP each for your support of 5 GTLs, as shown in diagram

divider Bronze Team Leader


Advance to the rank of DTL (Diamond Team Leader)

Qualifications (monthly):

1500 personal SVP

5 PTLs (Platinum Team Leaders) on your first level



SFI provides total support. Click a smiley face for answers